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Here at Strawberry7, we understand schools because we work with them everyday.

Education Services - Support


ICT support is at the core of what Strawberry7 offer your school. Our ICT support covers a large range of devices and platforms within your school

Education Services - Emergencies


As part of any support agreement with Strawberry7, you have access to a simple, yet comprehensive emergency support SLA

LGFL - London Grid for Learning


Strawberry7 have worked with LGFL since 2011. We have supported schools with joining LGFL and managing LGFL. 

Education Services - Backups


With data being so important, Strawberry7 take the backup of your school data very seriously. This is why we have a dedicated, professional backup affiliate. 

Education Services - Websites


These days the first-time parents see your school, it is usually on a computer, tablet or their phones rather than in the real world. You make every effort to make your school look and perform as well as possible and your website needs to show that.

Education Services - Jamf


It has now become a necessity to be able to manage these devices effectively and this is where Jamf comes in. Jamf is the first and only education mobile device management (MDM) system.

About Strawberry7 IT services for business and education

Audio Visual (AV)

We understand the importance of good audio visual (AV) systems within your school. Teachers need interactive whiteboards to engage children and deliver effective lessons. 

About Strawberry7 IT services for business and education


Strawberry7 are able to accurately and quickly support a multitude of network related queries. No matter your requirement – network installation, expansion, upgrade, testing or support, we can take care of it all.

About Strawberry7 IT services for business and education

Initial setup

Do you have a new school? Perhaps you are moving to a new site? Maybe you have an expansion or split site? Whatever your situation, Strawberry7 can assist with your ICT set up and support. 

About Strawberry7 IT services for business and education

Recommendations / consulting

It’s nice to have an expert on hand to ask. With Strawberry7 supporting you, that is exactly what you will have! Your on-site consultant will be in your school and you can ask them any ICT related question.

Hardware Consulting

Hardware consulting

Know your MB from your GB? Your CPU from your GPU? With Stawberry7, you don’t need to! In fact, our schools rarely have to tell us what they want at all. By working so closely on site with your staff, we anticipate your requirements before they become a need.

remote connection

Remote connection

Remote access to school data is becoming more and more of a requirement as staff expect to be able to work flexibly and off site. Remote access has become a particular requirement for SLT with the increased frequency of off-site meetings and training.

Building IT services

Building advice

We have experience working with project management companies such as Pick Everard and PWA, as well as contractors including Neilcott, Ash, Dunphys and Diamond Build for new builds and expansions.

Education Services -Photocopiers and Scanners

Photocopiers / printers

Here at Strawberry7 we understand how much schools rely on printers and photocopiers. When assisting a school with a printer or photocopier decision, we will intelligently look at the existing system and future requirements.

MIS - Management Information Systems


Management Information Systems (MIS) have long been a part of the school fabric. They have always held student information but now schools should expect more from their MIS.

Education Services - GDPR


If you are unsure about GDPR, we can help. GDPR is a legal requirement for all schools but it can be daunting and a bit of a minefield.

Education Services - Minecraft


Here at Strawberry7 we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help out our schools. That is why we are so proud of the incredible Minecraft platform that we have constructed specifically for Education.

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