Case study

St Mary's Isleworth Primary School

Slack instant messaging system
Wellington Primary School Hounslow

Three key takeaways:
Slack works on any device.
Secure and GDPR compliant.
Staff now use Slack everyday.

Wellington Primary School was expanding to a split site school. As a result, communication across the sites was imperative and an easy solution was required.

Our Solution
At Strawberry7, we had recently started using an instant messaging communication system called Slack. Slack proved extremely useful as it worked on any device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.) and had a lot of useful tools such as being able to append files and search chat history.

Slack is also compliant with GDPR as it is within our control and is secure.

When Wellington required similar abilities for staff communication, we were happy to suggest and demonstrate the abilities of Slack. Wellington left us in full control of project management and deployment. Slack was fully set up, including creating channels for each class and year group. We then deployed Slack to all staff, together with tutorial videos made by us and hosted on our YouTube channel.

The staff have since grown to use Slack every day. Office staff find it an invaluable resource for simply asking class teachers or SLT questions without having to call. It has grown to include information for morning meetings and to even communicate with us instantly!

Slack was and continues to be totally free of charge to Wellington (and would be for your school too!)

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About Strawberry7

Strawberry7 is an ICT support company that works exclusively with schools. We can provide your school with a consistent, friendly on-site consultant who will get to know your school. We will take care of every ICT aspect within your school, both curriculum and admin, from strategy to delivery and onto support.

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