Case study

St Mary's Isleworth Primary School

Google drive
Wellington Primary School Hounslow

Three key takeaways:
Happier staff and students.
Secure access to data anywhere, anytime.
Students able to save their work easily on tablets.

We found that Wellington required 2 new abilities:
  • For staff to access data offsite.
  • Access to their data via their tablet devices.

  • Wellington wished to have access to their data offsite for easier remote working and removal of reliance on USB sticks. They also wished to have access to the school data from tablet devices for both staff and students.

    Our Solution
    Wellington had their data set up in a way that would be familiar to most schools, with shared drives available through a Windows computer. This system was familiar but lacked flexibility and some functionality.

    We started by meeting with key staff to discuss security and appropriate accessibility. During our meetings we also set out plans to allow appropriate governor access to data.

    Our accepted proposal was to use Google Drive to host the school’s existing data, keeping both versions in sync. The result has been happy staff able to access their files and work offsite. Further, we have been able to use this system with our governors for sharing and accessing governor documents. Finally, we have also been able to use this system for students accessing and saving existing school data shares on iOS devices.

    G Suite was and continues to be totally free of charge to Wellington (and would be for your school too!)

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