Case study

St Mary's Isleworth Primary School

Google calendar
Wellington Primary School Hounslow

Three key takeaways:
SLT able to review or control diary offsite.
Staff able to review diary offsite.
No more lost diary!

Wellington required a more flexible and accessible diary system than their current paper system provided.

Our Solution
We started by looking at the current system Wellington had in place, the pros and cons.

The pros of the paper diary were:
  • The ability to add quickly and easily.

  • The cons of the paper diary were:
  • It was insecure.
  • Could not be added to remotely.
  • Could not be shared or viewed outside the school.
  • Could be easily lost and had no backup.

  • We knew that it was important to address the cons of the paper diary system but also retain the pros. After consideration and internal testing, we proposed to use Google Calendar. By working with Wellington, we discussed access permissions and the calendar work-flow to retain the good accessibility aspects of the paper diary.

    It was decided to implement a touchscreen PC and large display in the staff room. This would display all calendar information to staff easily.

    Staff can have the calendar on their tablets or phones and the information is easily accessible whilst retaining tight security and control. The system is confined within the Wellington’s G Suite system and is therefore safe. Staff are automatically added or removed as they join or leave the school for full GDPR compliance.

    Wellington have also been able to easily have a website calendar that is only updated by key SLT.

    This calendar allows for quick and easy communication with parents and governors.

    St Pauls Primary School Hounslow Fire
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