Case study

St Mary's Isleworth Primary School

School fire
St Paul's CoE Primary School Brentford

Three key takeaways:
Immediate offsite assistance for critical elements.
Location and placement agreed with the school.
Support of a new head teacher.

Unfortunately, during the summer of 2013, tragedy struck St Paul’s Primary School in Brentford and their beautiful Victorian building suffered a huge fire. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but the school required disaster recovery support.

In addition to this initial challenge, the school had a new head teacher (John Wright) and this was to be his first headship!

Our Solution
As we were aware of John’s appointment, we had taken early action to have him set up with LGFL and conduct all necessary transfers for head emails. This turned out to be extremely useful as, due to our proactivity, all of this had been taken care of before the fire. This meant one less headache for John and his staff in the aftermath of the fire.

We began by meeting John on site to assess all damage when we were able.

To our surprise, we found that although the school iPads had been on fire, covered in water and left in a cupboard for two weeks, they still worked! This was thanks to the extremely durable Otterbox cases that we always recommend to every school.

We immediately began liaising with our backup affiliate, Safe Data Storage to facilitate full recovery of the school’s data. We also worked with our reseller affiliate, Highgate, who were able to quickly provide a quote and order a replacement server.

A small temporary room was established in a school hut unaffected by the fire. We were able to quickly purchase and set up a small wireless hotspot, which gave all staff a temporary, reliable and secure internet connection. From this hut, we worked with SLT and admin staff to coordinate all temporary classrooms, computers and internet connection.

We were able to salvage what was left of the internet connection and had this reinstated within the temporary classrooms.

Over the following months, we assisted heavily in the rebuild project, advising the school and working closely with the build team. As a result of the fantastic teamwork at St Paul’s and our continuous support, the school was rebuilt to a high standard with even better facilities for students than before. We are extremely proud that we were able to support St Paul’s during this difficult time.

St Pauls Primary School Hounslow Fire
St Paul’s during the fire.
St Pauls Primary School Hounslow Fire
St Paul’s after the fire.
St Pauls Primary School Hounslow Fire
Official opening of restored school!
St Pauls Primary School Hounslow Fire
Surviving iPads!
St Pauls Primary School Hounslow Fire
Temporary classrooms lifted in to place.
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