Case study

St Mary's Isleworth Primary School

Wireless and IWB setup
St Mary's RC Primary School Isleworth

Three key takeaways:
Staff had their devices available quickly.
Custom IWB system provided.
Installation met with insurance compliance.

A new building was built and required bringing online to be used by staff and students. The staff required immediate use of their existing devices, as well as use of new Interactive White Boards (IWBs).

As soon as we had access to the building, we were quick to get inside and assess what had to be done. The first priority was wireless and so by speaking to the building team and walking around the new site, we were able to bring this online within the day.

The staff were able to start using their existing devices in the building straight away!

During the construction of the building, we had worked closely with our AV team. This building has 8 large classrooms with IWBs and many smaller rooms too. The head teacher requested mobile IWBs and we met this challenge. St Mary's Isleworth Primary School Case Study IWB Wireless
By working closely with the AV team, we were able to provide IWBs mounted on wheels, which were height adjustable and also had a separate monitor, using a custom bracket system. In addition, there is also a sound bar on top of each IWB to ensure they had enough volume to fill each classroom.

With this solution, the teachers could easily change the IWBs positon in the classroom, as well as working independently on the separate monitor whilst the students are focusing on the larger screen.

As a final addition to our service, we ensured the new devices were added to the school asset register system for insurance compliance.

St Mary's Isleworth Primary School Case Study IWB Wireless
St Mary's Isleworth Primary School Case Study IWB Wireless
St Mary's Isleworth Primary School Case Study IWB Wireless
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