Case study

St Mary's Isleworth Primary School

New build touchscreens and networking
Orchard Primary School Hounslow

Three key takeaways:
We liaised between the building contractors and school.
Selection of appropriate equipment.
Ready for staff from day 1.

A number of new buildings were being built at a school, which had expanded to three-form entry and needed to replace temporary buildings that had been moved onto the site. The requirements for existing and future IT needs for these buildings needed to be achieved.

Our Solution
Liaising with the head teacher, staff, architects, and the local authority we were able to plan for the specification and purchasing of new equipment and the migration of existing equipment. We were also able plan for the location and fitment of power and networking throughout the new buildings using the electrical contractors and our own networking team. This meant that the AV team was able to install the new touchscreens efficiently.

This careful planning meant that we were able to have the building ready on time for the staff so they were able to use both their existing equipment as well as the new wireless access points, touchscreens, PPA suites and VOIP phones.

All new equipment was asset tagged and its details were added to the asset register system and all existing equipment was updated on the system to reflect its new location. Buildings and equipment that were no longer needed were removed from the asset register to ensure that the school was compliant.

All old IT equipment was recycled and certificated to ensure any data was securely destroyed.

St Pauls Primary School Hounslow Fire
St Pauls Primary School Hounslow Fire
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