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Here at Strawberry7, we are a company of actions, not just words

Business Service - Cloud for everybody

Cloud for everybody

Taking your business to the cloud means that you will have all of your company resources accessible anywhere, anytime, safely and securely. New employees can be set up in an instant, you can access everything you need on your phone or tablet. You might think that this type of solution is expensive but for just £4.14 per user, per month, you get email, calendar, office, storage, video conferencing and more.

Business Service - Intelligent Support

Intelligent support

There are a lot of IT support companies out there but so many of them talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. We are a company of actions, not just words. We will make sure your IT problems are taken away from you, by applying a layer of intelligence. Our support is centered around a proactive methodology, fixing issues before you know anything is wrong.

Business Service - Protection from digital threats

Protection from digital threats

You have probably read in the news about digital attacks on companies. If you have not suffered a ransomware attack (where your data is encrypted and held to ransom) then you are lucky. A staggering 48% of UK businesses suffered a ransomware attack in the last year alone!

Strawberry7 website design and development services

Your next website

The digital shop front of your business, often the first impression people have. We can help you build one that will make that impression count. As we care about your business and always get to know our customers so well, we will help you highlight your best traits.

Business Service - Backing up your business

Backing up your business

Often this is thought about too late. You’ve been storing stuff on your desktop, or somewhere on the system and then bang, it’s gone! If that were to happen to you today, would you know you could get everything back? Has your backup been tested? We will make sure that all of your data is not just backed up but the system is reported on and tested regularly. We will keep your data safe and GDPR compliant.

Business Service - New ventures and requirements

New ventures and requirements

Whilst everyday support is important, what we really enjoy is working with our customers on what they want to do next. By understanding your business and your vision, we go with you on your journey. Our high-level approach means that we fully understand your requirements and guide you with appropriate, intelligent input.

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