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Adam Pearce - Managing Director

Adam Pearce

Managing Director

Adam started working in the IT sector in 2006, working in both corporate organisations and schools.

Adam has an ability to operate on both a personable and technical level, breaking down complex explanations to plain English.

He finds it most rewarding when he helps a client take real action within their organisation. Adam is particularly proud of the pioneering work that Strawberry7 has achieved in cloud computing within organisations.

Garry Smith - IT Support Agent

Gary Smith

IT Support Agent

Gary Started working in the IT sector in 1983 working mainly for Banks and Financial Institutions. He started working in education in the early 2000’s as a Teaching Assistant and then went on to study for a Degree in Primary Education after a few years. After completing his degree in Primary Education he worked as a TA in school for a number of years before returning to an IT role in the educational area.

Gary has had many years of experience in dealing with customers and offering training and explanations that are easy to understand at all levels.

Gary enjoys implementing software and systems that give staff the ability to deliver pedagogical outcomes that enhance the experience of education.

Adam Wignall - IT Support Agent

Adam Wignall

IT Support Agent

Adam joined Strawberry7 in 2015 and has been working in primary schools since. Coming from a hospitality background Adam was working as a chef for some years before coming to Strawberry7. Working with Strawberry7 Adam has been able to learn a variety of skills which have enabled himself to grow as well as support our customers.

Adam has always been proud of his customer service skills and through Strawberry7 he continues to bridge the gap between the technical and understanding of issues our customers face.

Outside of Strawberry7 Adam has experience being a student and teacher, learning to play piano and creating and assisting in the delivery of music theory camps to students in the school holidays. Adam enjoys playing video games together with his boyfriend where we’re currently playing the latest Pokemon games.

Robert Phillips

IT Support Agent

Robert first started in customer service during 2013 and then moved to working in IT in 2016, working with Transport for London. After this Robert moved to working with Queen Mary University in 2020 and then finally Strawberry7 in 2023. Robert has always enjoyed helping others when it comes to customer service. Working with Strawberry7 has given him the opportunity to expand on this and help people with any need, big or small.

Outside of Strawberry7 Robert enjoys playing video games, card games and travelling. Card games and travelling has allowed Robert to broaden his horizons and given him the opportunity to meet a lot of people. He even has friends in countries that he is not aware of!

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Our story

When I was younger, technology was not what it is today.

About Strawberry7 IT services for business and education

There were no smart phones and you had to be a lot more ‘techy’ to work your computer.


I realised more and more that most people struggled, got frustrated and gave up. As the majority of help came from technical people using technical jargon.

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About Strawberry7 IT services for business and education

Although technology has thankfully moved on and is easier to use than ever before, things still go wrong, particularly in business. There are also new threats from cyber attacks and new challenges, such as hybrid working (having both onsite and remote workforces).


That’s where IT people come to the rescue, right?. Well, no. Unfortunately most IT people are very good at IT but not so great at the people bit, or the ‘soft-skills’.

‘if I’m into IT, and I find this hard. What does everybody else do?’

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Strawberry7 is an IT company that you can talk to.

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We are a company that listens, understands, reassures and most importantly, takes action.


Every person in Strawberry7 has been recruited and cultivated with a person-centric philosophy.

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We deliver a rare combination of humanised interactions with vast technical knowledge.

This is where we feel we differ.

This is where we feel we excel.

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